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Solder Powder Production equipment

Electromagnetic Tin melting furnace

1. Technical parameters:

2.Device description:

This series belongs to electromagnetic melting furnace melting furnace, the heating method using electromagnetic heating, mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder and tin alloy smelting. The furnace is from the melt, stirring device, a fume hood and electrical control system.
Melt the outer layer of steel plate welded structure, the inner tin pot with 304 stainless steel.
Stirring means is to be tin, and the added material is completely melted, to make an additive mixed with the tin, the need for a liquid solder bath and stirred. Stirring device from the motor, and the stirring impeller axes.
Exhaust hood is steel welding parts, tin-pot fixed on the top side of a door, for investment casting materials and other operations, the top has a smoke hole for connecting smoke exhaust system.
Stirrer speed to achieve frequency control, speed adjustable, can meet the technological requirements of different materials.
Smoke exhaust system must be installed according to the site produced, designed and installed by the user.
Electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of each group, reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm.
The melting furnace product uses electromagnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) heating principle, through the electronic circuit board component of high-frequency current generated by the rectifier circuit 50 HZ alternating current into a DC voltage, and then through the DC voltage control circuit converted into a frequency of 20-30KHZ frequency current through the magnetic induction coil spiral, high frequency alternating magnetic field is formed, when the magnetic field inside the magnetic field lines produced by the body through the stainless steel solder pot alternating current (i.e. vortex), eddy current cookware High-speed random motion of iron molecules, molecules collide with each other, the friction generated heat can own high-speed heating appliance itself, so that the energy is converted to heat, the highest thermal efficiency can be achieved cooker 93%, so as to achieve efficient heating purposes.
Electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of each group, reaches the set temperature, the automatic warm.
3. Features:
1. Energy efficient: cooker advantage first in its high thermal efficiency. Induction of the application of the principle is the current through the coil produces a magnetic field, the magnetic field lines within the material through the bottom of iron, iron molecules promote high-speed movement, numerous small eddy, so high thermal efficiency. In contrast, conventional heating wire heating principle is the first self-heating heating wire red-hot, then heat the air to pass through the solder pot, tin pan after heating the heat transfer to be heated tin, through multiple passes, thermal efficiency 40% -65%, and the large amount of heat energy, tin slow. The cooker is generally higher than 80% thermal efficiency, the use of heating wire heating of a ton of tin pot of water needed two hours, while the use of the cooker is only about 1 hour, saves energy and time.
2. More environmentally friendly: No combustion emissions, do not consume oxygen, no noise, no pollution.
3. Safe and reliable: no open flame burning, furnace surface itself, nor heat, induction heating only directly on the bottom of the pot, not on the surrounding produce heat, does not affect the safety of staff.
4. More precise (accurate temperature control): cooker can use requirements, flexible and accurate control of heating power and temperature of molten tin. Induction of the input power is usually 0.2KW ~ 60W between, you can choose the desired temperature, through electronically controlled, automatic tin pot is heated to reach the desired temperature, the heating appliance is immediate, fast response, temperature even more sensitive.
5 long life: the traditional heating wire will produce in the course of aging, need to be replaced in a given period, while the cooker is relatively usage time will be longer.