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Victory Technology International Ltd is a foreign enterprise engaged in designing and manufacturing Solder wire processing equipment(Extruder,Solder wire Drawing machine,Solder wire Drawing machine etc)  ,Solder Powder making equipment(Solder powder Atomizing machine,Ultrosonic Vibro Sifter etc ) ,Solder Paste equipment, Pure zinc wire processing machine, Zinc alloy Processing equipment (Continuous melting and casting Furnace, Alloy Extruder,Big bobbin winding machine) 

With 20 years manufacturing experience and technology ,it has won several patents and a complete and scientific quality management system and strong R & D team, R & D and manufacturing process equipment of its kind in Europe and the United States, constantly absorbing advanced technology and design enable it continuously make  improvements in product performance.
Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, self-built modern standard workshop 33,000 square meters, is located in the beauty of Dalang Town, Dongguan City, it has convenient transportation, beautiful environment, and becomes a large-scale professional machinery manufacturers and one of the 50 key enterprises in Dalang town.

     Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, self-built modern standard workshop 33,000 square meters, is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City, No. 208 West scenery, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, is a large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also Dalang Town, one of 50 key enterprises.
      0 to 100-1 full sense of quality, strict quality control to ensure product quality, purchase your first choice to buy similar equipment supplier. Welcome new and old customers to consult, negotiate, to witness the strength of new Section torch!








Main Products:

Solder Equipment:
       Casting rods, extruders, rolling mills, wire drawing machine, melting furnace, tin machine, ball machine, hemispheric machine, take-up machine, tin printing machine, anode rod casting machine, anode rod cutting machines;

Tin powder equipment
Melting furnace, milling machine, vibrating screen, etc.;

Paste Equipment
      Vacuum emulsifying machine, solder paste mixer, hydraulic discharge machines;

Pure zinc line equipment
       Cast zinc smelting furnace, furnace thermostat wire, single head drawing machine, zinc wire rolling mill, zinc wire drawing machine, drum machines and other off;

Zinc Alloy equipment
      IF furnace, bar thermostatic oven, extruders, rolling mills, wire drawing machine, the market closed lines, etc.;

Special alloy wire equipment
      Silver wire traction machine, silver wire rolling mill, silver wire drawing machine, horizontal take-up machine, etc.;

Vibrating screening equipment
      Shaker square, circular vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibration sieve, the bag inclined vibrating sieve, sieve low, white screen, etc.;

Polishing Equipment
      Automatic polishing machine, paper tube polishing machine, flat polishing machine, tube polishing machine, square tube polishing machine, automatic drawing machine, etc.;

Metallurgy, mining equipment
      Drills, shovels, trolleys, bloom caster, stainless steel mill, etc.;

Company Mission
      Is committed to creating high-quality finished products become mechanical products provider, helping customers build, maintain, operate and optimize their product needs, and strive to achieve customers dreams.

Company spirit
      Responsibility to create value, quality extended life and communication to create satisfied.

      Honesty excellence, innovation
      Best price, best quality, best service.

Employee Satisfaction: 
      Employees are wealth, an important indicator of business success that is to provide staff development and growth opportunities to help employees get work satisfaction and accomplishment.

Customer satisfaction:
       Continue to understand customer needs better than the competition and the potential to meet their real needs, create first-class high-quality customer satisfaction.
Social satisfaction:
       We have the spirit of the community highly responsible attitude and professionalism to develop our business, but to do legitimate corporate citizen, actively deal with the government, communities, partners and other aspects of the relationship.

Employee Awareness
Quality Awareness:
       In the production process, emphasizing the safety awareness of all employees to establish, operate in strict accordance with the quality management system to ensure a high standard, the refinement of the process monitoring; functionally management, training and gradually improve ethical standards, improve the quality of management.
Market Awareness:
       Market-oriented, learning full marketing, establish a strong, modern marketing concept.
Sense of learning:
       The rapid development of the times than the competition requires advocacy learn faster, better, Competition knowledge management capabilities, lifelong learning, enhance lifelong employability.
Sense of service:
      Advocacy staff have an external customer service, internal service staff excellent sense of service.
Team spirit :

      I rely on business survival, companies rely on my development

      I try for the enterprise, the enterprise profit for me