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Polishing equipment

disc intermittent automatic polishing machine

      KJ8807 disc automatic polishing machine is our self-developed products, after years of research and production, and the number of customers using interactive feedback Tidianyixian, and now already belong to the level of the industry's top models, the use of the product hardware industry in the production of a variety of products of various types of automatic coarse, fine polishing processing operations.
How it works:
      The model uses a circular three hundred sixty degree rotation principle derived by a chain or belt automatic transmission dial operation, the workpiece relative to the polishing head angle can be divided into six, eight, ten and so double the number of equal parts, depending on the workpiece diameter size prevail.
Technical parameters:
      1. Processing range: suitable for the hardware industry regular round shape, cylindrical, oval, disc-shaped, conical and other products.
      2. Motor power: two, 4KW;
      3. polishing wheel speed: 30 m / sec
      4. Polishing wheel: Φ350mm
      5. polishing maximum thickness: 100mm
      6. Turn the speed :0.5-2 seconds / second (transposition)
      7. Drive: 380V 2.2KW
      8. Total Power: 25KW
      9. Dimensions: 2100mm * 2100mm * 1850mm
Product Features:
      1 . This paragraph disc automatic polishing machine with the production of consistent quality products to meet a wide range of machining, polishing head placed on the turntable structure circumferential surface of the main body, and processed products, polishing head according to customer demand for the product, increasing automatic compensation, polishing first revolution, automatic spray wax and other devices, flexible operation there is always a way to fit your needs and use features.
     2 .  the same type of product on the market compared
      A. 10 hours a day: the same type of product on the market yield for the day was 6000; aircraft production by one day is calculated as 8000;
      B. equipment and labor cost comparison: The aircraft operator as an ordinary worker one person can, in January labor costs in the 3000-4000 yuan, skilled chef January polishing wages of about 6500-8000 or so, using this type of equipment in January can save labor costs 4,000 yuan, a year for you to save labor costs 48,000 yuan.