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Polishing equipment

robot belt polishing machine

      KJ212JQR robot automatic polishing machine is our self-developed products, after years of research and production, and the number of customers using interactive feedback Tidianyixian, and now already belong to the level of the industry's top models, used in the production of the product various types of hardware industry, a variety of products, automatic coarse, fine polishing processing operations.
How it works:
      The model uses hand movement principle from, various types of polishing heads are arranged around the robot, the robot is programmed according to the set procedures for operation of processing operations.
 Technical parameters:
      1. processing: Suitable for all types of hardware industry difficult shape of the workpiece surface finish shape, sanding job processing.
      2. Motor power: two, 4KW;
      3. belt speed: 31 m / sec
      4. Polishing wheel: Φ500mm
      5. polishing maximum thickness: 100mm
      6. Processing Speed: 2 / pc
      7. Drive: 380V 2.2KW
      8. full six-axis servo system programmable control.
      9. Total power: 26KW
      10. Area: 5000mm * 4000mm
Product Features:
      1. This paragraph robot automatic polishing machine with without any manual operation, and produce consistent quality products to meet a wide range of machining, polishing head placed on the robot front, minutes of processing products, polishing head according to customer demand for the product, automatic compensation increase polishing head revolution, automatic spray wax and other devices, flexible mode of operation there is always a suitable for your needs and use features.
      2. equipment and labor costs compared
      A. Equipment and labor cost comparison: equipment 24-hour operation, electricity is 60 per day; workers one day ten hours minimum wage is now $ 250, electricity $ 30, according to two workers at the same power 24 hours a day count the costs incurred for the 560 million, a robot device one day you could save 500 yuan labor costs. January can save you 15,000 yuan artificial; year is 180,000.